RIEGOS TDJ has an important specialized team, as well as an extensive infrastructure with more than 4,000 m2 of warehouses for assembly and storage of materials, we have a large fleet of our own machinery (agricultural tractors, mixed retro excavators, crane trucks, etc.) and our own drone platforms, which allows us to be self-sufficient for the development of our works and projects, and to offer an immediate response to the needs of our customers.


RIEGOS TDJ performs installations throughout the national geography and is based in Villanueva de Alcardete (Toledo), within the largest vineyard concentration in the world (LA MANCHA)


RIEGOS TDJ was created in 1996, after extensive experience in the world of agriculture. This company is dedicated to offering service to farmers, specializing in the design and assembly of drip irrigation facilities with the highest technology in automation and fertirrigation systems. In addition, it offers precision farming techniques with remote sensing using RPAS devices, solar irrigation, gardening and landscaping, wood plantations, vineyard driving assembly and superintensive crops on trellis, engineering works, etc.


From the outset we have been characterized by maintaining a close and permanent collaboration with our clients, demanding the maximum of ourselves.

We seek personalized attention and excellence in our services thanks to an improvement in professionalization, allowing us to expand year after year.


RIEGOS TDJ, concerned about the environment, provides technological solutions for a rational use of water, allowing us intensive and sustainable agriculture.

These good practices of environmental management are communicated to our clients making them participants in our project and objectives.

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