At RIEGOS TDJ our highly specialized Technical Department, studies the best solution for your installation.

We work with the leading brands, being distributor of RIVULIS IRRIGATION .


We offer our customers the highest technology in the world of irrigation, from solenoid valves commanded by cable or radio, variable speed drives, programmers, fertirrigation with separate fertilizers in proportional concentrations and online irrigation control with GPRS communication via modem.


The more information we can gather about the environment the installation is carried out in, the more it will help us calculate and carry out the design to be able to determine the pumping group needed, the necessary filtering head, the type of dripper needed,etc..

To do this, previous work can range from:


Terrain measurement.

Study of water quality.

Weather conditions of the area.

Type of land on which the installation will be made.

Completion of the hydraulic design of each irrigation installation.

We work with the first brands, being a distributor of  RIVULIS IRRIGATION .  


The irrigation system used by  Riegos TDJ is:


Buried / Aerial Drip Irrigation.

Sprinkler irrigation.

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